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Granite/ Natural Stone



Choosing Granite or Marble for any surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls of your kitchen and bathroom can be challenging sometimes, you are choosing a naturally formed product that is subject to random patterning, coloring and size of the stones.


Granite is more durable and resistant to etching, staining and scratching, easily cleaned and does not require the same constant surveillance as marble.  It is the workhorse of stone surfaces, and yet still adds a tone of luxury to a kitchen. So the granite is used for kitchen countertops more often than marble which works great for bathrooms. Marble on the other hand, is a porous and soft stone that is easily stained and etched by acids, heat, and water (basically, by a typical kitchen environment). To protect a marble surface, you must seal the surface annually, clean it with only a mild cleaner, and guard against spills or wet dishes being allowed to sit. Because of this, many consider marble best used as a backsplash or small pastry surface.


Granite also consists of many different colors because it is composed of crystals of different colors and their slabs are larger in size because granite is a harder, stronger rock compared with marble. The hardness of granite also leads to a shiny, glossy appearance, which marble lacks. Marble, on the other hand, is usually one solid color with some veining patterns.



Granite Marble
      Giallo Napoleon       Imperial Gold   Dark Emperador  St. Cygnus
      Tropical Brown      Santa Cecilia     Rain Forest Black & White 


The Granite's beauty is a result of these qualities that make your kitchen or bath a one of a kind. You'll find our affordable prices is what makes Flooring Concepts the company of choice.




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